GC's Online Game Signup Site (OGSS)

The OGSS system is here to help you and your Group post and sign up for D&D Adventure League games easily. With OGSS, you can:

Click on a tag to see some of the benfits provided by the system.

Group Stuff

Set up and define a new Open or Closed Group (Private groups in development). Closed groups require all members be approved in order to join.

  • Choose an existing public location, or set up a new public or private location for your group.
  • Define a local group - Open or Closed, private will be set up soon.
  • Post simple news items.
  • Manage Members.
    • Set member levels.
    • Appoint DMs, or allow anyone to post a game.
  • Add your group's image.
  • View group statistics.
    • Number of games DMed by whom.
    • See number of attendees on a given day.
    • See how popular a particular module is.

Player Stuff

Track your players and their information and slot them into games.

  • Put in and track your basic player information.
  • Upload a character image.
  • Track your sessions.
    • See rewards from the DM.
    • Enter your own data or notes.
    • See session comments from games you played in.
  • Quick-create new characters as you join a game.
  • See the upcoming games you are participating in.
  • Leave group comments or news comments.
  • See a list of upcoming games and the number of slots left.

DMs Stuff

Set up games, allocate players, assign rewards (XP, gold, etc)

  • Create new sessions for players to join up.
    • Shared module descriptions, information is auto-associated to your game.
    • Add additional information (e.g. Part 2).
    • Assign multiple DMs for a session.
    • Assign a maximum number of slots for the session.
    • Allow or disallow stand-bys for each session. Stan-bys are auto-slotted into game based on order of signup.
  • Session Control.
    • Approve, Reject or Standby players.
    • Check-in players and DMs on game day.
    • Assign XP. gold, downtime, renown, notes, items for all players or each player.
    • View and print player and character information before the game.
  • Player checked-in electronically are reported to the stores via the reporting module.

Store Stuff

Get DCI #s Reports for games played in your store.

  • See how many tables are needed and when.
  • Location Admins can report on players who were checked in electronically.
    • See DCI #s, with the ability to copy them to the clipboard and paste into the WER application.
    • Mark off players reported to the WER system.