D&D Adventurers League - The site is currently geared toward D&D 5e League play. It will also allow other games eventually.

Welcome to the Game Session Site. Here, we strive to get people together to play RPGs. This site is still in the alpha stages, so you may run into a few glitches, which I am trying to get sorted out. There are also many more features coming.

Current features »

Anyone can:

  • Enter characters - You can add your character information into the system. This information is available to the DM of any session you sign up for.
  • Create a group - You can set up an Open or Closed group for gaming. Open groups allow anyone to join and sign up for games. Closed groups allow people to request to join that group and an Owner has to approve them. Private groups are coming soon, where you can send invitations to poeple, but the group will not show in the overall group list. Before you set up a group, please set up a location.
  • Create a location - You can create a location for where your group meets. For now, a group has 1 location. Eventually you will be able to have multiple locations for your group.
  • Add Adventures - When someone sets up an Adventure Leage Adventure in the system, anyone who sets up a session has access to run that Adventure. This means you don't have to retype information about an adventure that is already in the system.
  • Sign up for Sessions - You can sign up for any session in a group you are a member of. You can also tell the DM which character you are playing for that session.

DMs Can

  • Add Sessions - The meat of the site! DMs (or members of a group that allow all players to DM) can set up game playe sessions. You can even have 'standbys' in case someone can't make the game. The system automatically slots standbys into re-opened slots based on first-come-first-served.
  • Adjust Players - The DM has the ability to approve or remove players from a game. Players get a notification if their status changes. This is useful if a DM decides to only let 5 people at the table, but then decides that player #6 can also join. Or if they know someone is not going to show, they can remove them.
  • Allocate XP - After the game, the DM can allocate XP, gold, downtime, and renown for each player that played. This feature is still being put together, but will be fully working very soon. Right now, it has to be done just after the game is played.
Coming Soon »
  • XP Tracking - You will be able to see the XP/gold/renown/etc earned per game for your characters.
  • XP Addition - For those games not tracked within the system, you will be able to add them in and track your character XP as well.
  • Much more...